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Choking Episode — 8 Comments

  1. Congratulations, DB! It sounds as if you just might be grabbing hold of that swinging handle. How wonderful!

    That pile of compost sounds pretty yummy, as well. I’ll bet you can’t wait to use it!

  2. It does feel like I’m getting a handle on a few things, Marion. As for the compost, I’m sure you would have a wonderful time with it. Not so sure about me, though. I know nothing about gardening!

  3. Sorry to hear about the choking, I know how awful it is when occasionally it has happened to me.

    Very glad to hear you are feeling much better though.

  4. I hope that sort of choking doesn’t happen often. And no doctors’ appointments for a month is something to celebrate. I always get so anxious when I have to go.

  5. I get nervous at some doctor’s offices, Shelia, and not at others. The one where my blood pressure is always high is the Sleep Apnea office. I have no idea why!

  6. I’ll be glad to add your link to Parkinson’s information in Spanish, as this kind of information is very difficult to translate properly! I see you are also a member of PLM, and I hope you stop by here from time to time, Arcadia!

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