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Still Doing Without Parkinson’s Meds — 2 Comments

  1. Rosemary, I was just in PLM and realized I hadn’t seen you there for a good while, not since your neuro visit post.

    What a terrible dilemmia you have. I can only begin to imagine the anguish you are experiencing.

    You are in my daily thoughts. We do want to hear from you. Hope you will return from time to time to let us all know how you are doing. PD or not, we care.


  2. I stop by PLM every day, FS, but I usually only read a few posts and very occasionally comment. I am keeping my profile up to date, though, as I think that is very important. Maybe anguish is too strong a word, but frustration is probably about right. I’ve resigned myself that I’m not going to know anything with certainty for some time, probably long after I do see the MDS. I imagine he will want to do some additional tests, so no telling how long it will be before we know a diagnosis. It’s in God’s hands, and they are very capable hands at that!

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