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Been to the Physiatrist and I’m Still Very Busy — 9 Comments

  1. Rosemary, good to hear you have a phychiatrist who take the job seriously.

    I hope one of these days you have a relation and find out what is wrong with your body.


  2. DB, I would be completely overwhelmed with all the things you do!

    I hope the new medication is helping by now, and that the awful spasms are lessening.

    Time is flying by,and you will be at your specialist’s before you know it.

    I’ll be thinking of you!

  3. I agree, Marion. I don’t think my feelings of being overwhelmed have anything to do with whatever the neurological problem is. I have taken a serious look at all my different “pies” and decided to turn over BLOG VILLAGE to someone else. Hopefully, that will help.

  4. Thanks, Joe. I just needed to decide which online activities were the most important to me time wise, and as much as I hate to give up a community I started, the Village just takes up too much time. Besides, if I am not administering, I might have time to actually visit the blogs I want to!

  5. DB, sorry to hear you are turning over blog village, but I thoroughly understand. I continue to read your posts, and like everyone else, I wish you well.

  6. I guess I am confused at why a phyciatrist instead of a neurologist would do nerve velocity tests? But hey, since he seems to know what is what and has options for pain, who cares.

    Keeping up with an online business is very difficult and I know the drowning feeling just getting a few days behind can produce. I was just trying to sell stuff on ebay and that was enough of a headache at times (not having to incorporate programs like you are) – but I wish you great success on it, and am glad you don’t have parkinson’s but also wish you did know what you had so you could move on from the tests and into working treatment.

  7. It’s not misspelled, Elizabeth. A Physiatrist is a doctor who specializes in treating problems that can be helped with exercise, rehab, pain meds, etc. It’s related to the word physical. Who knows, before this is over I may be seeing a psychiatrist!! LOL!!

  8. Hello DB,
    good to read about you again.
    Don’t feel sorry if you can’t post as much as you’d like.
    Follow your rhythm, go on step by step.
    Don’t let PD stop you.
    Keep going


  9. Hi Arcadian! I’m trying really hard to drop what I can and make better use of my time. Whatever neurological problem I have is called – I don’t intend to give in to it!!!!

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