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Tests Are Over for Now, Thank Goodness! — 9 Comments

  1. I agree – it would have been very useful to have a video of the testing to show the MDS specialist. Glad to know you didn’t have any real residual pain! How is going still being off the PD meds?

  2. I’ve just been catching up, DB…sorry you’ve had such a time of it.

    Time seems to fly, these days…I am sure you will be grateful to have these days of waiting behind you. It is good that you are doing everything you can to gather tests and info.

    I’m thinking of you.

  3. Tried answering earlier, but blogger was acting up.

    I wonder if any Neurologists do video their patients. Seems like a reasonable documentation to me, in this electronic age.

    You’re right, Marion, time is flying by far faster than I would have expected, thank goodness!

  4. You certainly have a lot going on. You also seem to have a lot of patience and such a healthy attitude. I admire the way you keep living your life. Can you tell me how long you were on the PD meds before you went off? Are you still off the PD meds? I have seen Dr. Watts before. He is excellent.

  5. Ooops, forgot to answer that, Shaky! I’m doing about as well as I was on the meds – more inner tremors that leave me feeling nervous most of the time, but no real difference in what shows from the outside, unless I get really stressed. Then I think I’m worse. Balance is about the same.

    I’ve been completely off the PD meds since Jan. 25, Myraelaine, but I am still taking Turmeric, Vitamin D and Calcium, Acidophilus, Metamucil, Omeprazole, Allegra, Hydrochlorothiazide, and Bentyl. Actually, Bentyl used to be used as a PD med until “better” meds came along, but I am taking it for digestion problems.

    We’re very consciously eating Super Foods, and most of it raw, with limited wheat and milk products.

  6. Thanks, Warrior, for your prayers. I pray you are doing OK, too.

    I was already in so much back pain when I had it done 2 years ago that I really didn’t remember much about how painful it was. But I can testify that it hurt this week!

    Glad it’s OVER!

  7. DB, I have never had a nerve velocity test myself, but I do understand they can be quite painful at times. I am glad you came through yours without too much difficulty.

    You continue to be in my prayers

  8. Glad to hear the tests are over and done with. I often find the ones doing them have no idea of the discomfit that people go through.

    Hopefully the results will be good.

  9. Jackie, she surprised me and said she had to take the test before she could give the Nerve Velocity test, because it is so uncomfortable – and that was just the easier test! One of the Neurologists in the practice did the Electromyography, since it is invasive I suppose. That’s the one with the needles that really hurts!

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