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Unexpected Aftermath of EEG Test – Still on Clonazapam — 4 Comments

  1. I have heard all my life that you’d better be careful if you pray for patience, because there is really only one way to learn it. And it’s not pleasant!!

  2. Sorry to hear you are in the wars again and hopefully the shoulder jerks will ease off a bit. Maybe the clonazapam will work out OK once your system gets used to it and not make you feel so woozy. Sleeping a bit more isn’t too bad as you had that terrible time with insomnia a little while ago.

    Look after yourself, lots of hugs.

  3. You’re certainly right about one thing, Jackie, and that’s that it is great to actually SLEEP nowadays!!

    I am hoping the goofy feeling will go away when I’m supposed to be AWAKE, though. Plus, the tics and jerks have not diminished much at all, if any. I have an MRI tomorrow. We’ll see how still I can be then, for sure.

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