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  1. DB, when my rug’s been pulled out from under me, leaving me in frustrating darkness, I cry, as well. It’s a release, letting all the pent up anticipation and worry and fear out…that stuff you kept inside while waiting for this appointment showing only your stoic and courageous attitude to others.

    And now you are floundering once again. But somewhere there is a name for your condition and a treatment, in all likelihood, as well.

    It takes time (sometimes just the ‘right’ doctor) to find a “name” for illnesses. In the meantime, you know you have something and the doctors know you have something.

    Please try and let go of trying so hard to understand and fix a disease which at the moment has no name, and find the very best way to deal with today, right now.

    And if that involves crying your eyes out releasing all those expectant feelings you had, go for it. It’s okay…you’ve been through so much. I always become so much stronger after such a release.

    I am so sorry. My prayers and thoughts are with you, as always. Please give yourself a big hug.

  2. Marion, everything you say is true. My head knows it, but my emotions don’t. I have slacked off on the crying to some extent, as the Clonazepam dosage is slowly being lowered. I think that has a lot to do with the way I’m not handling all this well at all.

    You just don’t know how much it helps me to read your encouraging words!

    All the Hugs in the world to you, dear friend!!

  3. Caleb, for the life of me, I can’t see anything about me anyone could call amazing. But I do appreciate your optimistic viewpoint. I started this blog to chronicle what was happening to me, so others could at least have an accurate view of what one person with Parkinson’s was going through. Well, it may not be Parkinson’s, but it is definitely a Movement Disorder.

    I’ve been wondering if I should change the name of the blog, what have no earthly idea what to change it to! LOL!!

  4. I think you’re amazing, really. As hard as this is for you I know that good things will come out of this experience, whatever they may be. I can think of one experience at least that is good though, that you’re sharing your experiences with the world. Keep it up.

    I look forward to your future posts.

  5. If you can walk, and talk, and jump up and down, try and be thankful for that.
    I understand that it’s hard.
    I am in a VERY similar situation.

    But believe that you can overcome anything. And believe in your future as golden.

  6. I hope you have read some of my most recent posts Anonymous. Once the Clonazepam was out of my system the depression lifted. And the medicine they tried next (Primidone) is WORKING!!

    Believe me, if Faith in God could have pulled me out of the mood I was in when I wrote this post, I would have been my usual optimistic self. But at the time of writing I could certainly not jump up and down, was barely able to balance well enough to walk, and my facial muscles were jerking all over the place. There are times when optimism is just not possible.

    I’m sorry to hear that you are in a similar situation, and I pray you get relief.

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