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Mouth Twitches, But That’s All — 8 Comments

  1. I’m not sure what to suggest, Caleb. If I were in that situation, I would take short trips to the places I really want to be able to get to and complain to management if I found obstacles.

    I had to call the corporate office of the realty company that managed my Orthopedist’s office and complain that this medical office building did not have a remote way to open their very heavy glass doors. It took awhile to get it done, and I was probably not the only one who had complained, but it’s fixed now. I beam with pride every time I have to go there, thinking of all the people I helped.

    I guess the only general answer I can think of is to go prepared with more aides than you normally use. I probably could get by without the cane, but I always take it to unknown places. If I needed the cane full time, I would, and did, take a walker to unknown places.

    Heavy doors can be solved if you know about them in advance and have the phone number handy by cell phoning the business while you wait for someone to come let you in. But then, if this is a high traffic place you will use regularly, start pressuring them to get the automatic opener for accessibility.

    Can’t think of anything else.

  2. I think it’s good to have a good mental layout of gas stations, restaurants, and other places that are easily accessible for those who may have some challenges with moving around. Do you have an suggestions for people that have a hard time getting out of their home because they fear the obstacles of moving around? I have known some people that choose to stay home because they do not want to deal with the curbs, heavy doors, questionable terrain and not to mention the weather.

  3. Great suggestions, thanks for the tips, I’ll probably pass them on to my readership is that’s okay, of course referencing you and your blog. I wish you the best with the “Mouth Twitches, But That’s All” Keep the blogs coming!

  4. I’ve just been catching up, DB…and what great news! Finally! I’m so happy for you, and am joining you in that happy dance!

    Isn’t life grand?

  5. I’m shouting from the housetops, Marion!!!

    Every day I tell myself I am going to visit you, and at the end of the day I still haven’t. Bad Girl!

    It’s good to hear from you, dear friend.

  6. You know I will be glad to, Dan. It’s good to hear from you and yes, the cane goes with me anywhere I am not totally comfortable. We have cared for parents who fell, and I have no desire to go through that as the patient!!!

    I am fortunate that the Primidone is stopping the worst of the mouth jerks. People might not notice what I am doing now, but they could not have missed the jerks, lip smacking, and twists I was doing.

  7. Rosemary, I can sure relate to the mouth twitch thing. Also, the cane is a way of life, huh?

    I now have a dotcom for my blog. Please consider listing it as a link, if you get a chance.

    Thanks my friend, Dan

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