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Looks Like PRIMIDONE is THE Medicine for ME — 2 Comments

  1. Things I don’t understand can make me angry and fearful that I will never ‘get it’…you’re a hero in my eyes for even attempting this technical procedure! You deserve chocolate, in my book.

    I’m so glad to see things are still going well, DB.

  2. This really taxed my geekness, as I am not familiar with a lot of the terminology they used in the “explanation” of how to do this. After I finally did get it all working correctly … one of the converter boxes quit working!!! So now I am dealing with the company to get an exchange. It never ends!!!!!

    PS If a new computer chip device is going to fail, it’s usually within a few days of use. That doesn’t count for things like hard drives, that depend on moving parts, but it’s a good rule of thumb on when an extended warranty is worth considering paying for and when it’s not…

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