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Grieving for a PLM Friend Just Diagnosed with MSA — 4 Comments

  1. here it is three am and I’m out roaming around. Our Bnana is doing so great. I leave tomorrow to spend four days with her and Ukelady in California and I am also stopping in on Browncat in Colorado. I’m keeping track of you from the side lines and praying this new disease finding improves with time….keep in touch love pokie

  2. Hi Pokie!!

    It must be wonderful to travel like that! I did plenty of it as a child, but my wonderful hubby has always been a stay at home type, and now I think I am, too.

    B’nana really is doing great, isn’t she!! I have been keeping up with her blog, and she is quite the powerhouse of hope and determination.

    Enjoy your trip, but try not to meet yourself coming and going. Be safe.


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