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Reasons for Long Term Care Rejection — 2 Comments

  1. As one of the “loving daughters”, Mama, no one could have been better “wise Virgins”. You truely have done everything in your power to make whatever happens easier on us.
    I will agree its “creepy” reading that on paper, but you can’t go anywhere anytime soon. Who would I make brownies for?
    If you are reading this post, please know from the eldest daughter that God could have never given any girls better, more loving and supportive parents (and trust me, I was a trial…well, still am 🙂 )

  2. Well Hi there DD!! I’ve never had anyone who knew me personally, let alone a family member, even read these blog posts. So this was quite a surprise!!!

    Trial? No… handful yes!! But what child isn’t??? Never a regret, that’s for sure.

    Love and {{{HUGS}}}


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