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YARD SALE today!! — 7 Comments

  1. Rosemary
    I hope the sale goes off terrific! I can so relate about having a great hubby…I am glad your husband is so loving and supportive of you~ it sure makes facing each day way easier! Sounds also like you might be feeling somewhat better recently I am so glad to hear that!!
    Hugs B’nana

  2. Hi Joe,

    I hope you are doing well today.

    We didn’t sell as much as I had hoped, but maybe next time will be better. As for me overdoing it?? It was all I could do to walk for about 4 days after. My tendons have tightened up so much that the slight climb up and down our driveway from the house and garage just about did me in. Plus I was standing more than I am used to any more. But in spite of that it was fun, and our daughter managed to sell a good bit of her stuff, too!

    But we have added more stuff to the garage, the signs are ready, and now all we have to do is wait for a Friday without rain, so our yard won’t get ruined from cars parking every which way. We will have another one first chance we get, as there is still a lot of stuff in the basement left from our parents’ homes.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Apologies haven’t visited in ages. Getting rid of items not needed is a great way to bring good vibes into the home. Therefore the money side is almost secondary as you probably feel better with more space. Sorry to hear it exhausted you so much but you do have the habit of overdoing things.

    Had to laugh this morning I decided I better do a post on Herbs ‘n Oils and believe it or not it was between stevia and marjoram oil. I started on the marjoram oil research but have put that aside and will do the stevia one for you ….should be up tomorrow 🙂

    By the way I prefer xylitol (birch bark)as it tastes just like sugar but unfortunately works out very much more expensive than stevia. But do look out for xylitol toothpaste and sweets as it is very good for teeth especially now finally people have realized how bad fluoride is for both us and the environment.

  4. Little ole me overdo???? Moi???? Never!!!

    That is weird about the Stevia. I just knew I would get an in depth report from you. I actually tried Xylitol first, since it tends to cause diarrhea, and that would be a good thing for me. LOL!

    But it did not sweeten at all for me. Must be a genetic thing, you think?? Or maybe the meds I am on? Ever hear of that before??

    It did feel good to unclutter the house somewhat. And the mess in the basement doesn’t look as daunting as it once did, either. Hubby actually let me go down the basement steps and take a look at how much progress he has made. But he refuses to let me help clean it up. I feel guilty about that, as it got that way largely due to me chucking stuff down there.

    Now if I just had enough hours in the day to put the “good stuff” we found stored away on eBay!

  5. Usually I would delete an unsolicited link to a business site, but this one appears to be a good fit for this blog. I was particularly impressed to find several prospective caregivers within a reasonable distance to our small rural town.

    I’m bookmarking the site, and I’ll add it to my sidebar, too.

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