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Can’t Blame Everything on Movement Disorder — 4 Comments

  1. Rosemary
    I am peaking in and hoping your new diet is coming along without causing you too much stress. I know it is hard to adapt to dietary changes, but if you accept it is going to make you feel sooo much better in the long run, then my friend it actually helps you to adapt easier…
    Thinking of you often and hope tomorrow your day is filled with Love and Laughter…
    Hugs always B’nana

  2. Hi B’nana,

    I won’t know until I see my doctor again how well my attempt at dieting has helped, but I’m keeping a detailed food diary and keeping track of how many carbs I eat at one time. I’m aiming for no more than 40 carbs at a time and eating a small snack when I take my pills mid morning and mid afternoon.

    I’m not counting calories right now, but if I haven’t lost weight by the time I see him again, I probably will have to start keeping track of my caloric intake, too.

    I’ll pop in and see how you are doing, and I hope I find you doing well.


  3. Hi DB, I’m glad your MD was able to pinpoint your problem, and I’m even happier for you that it was only type 2 diabetes. Not that diabetes, type 2 or otherwise, is easy to live with, but it sure beats a lot of the other possibilities that are out there.

    Hope all is well with you otherwise.

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