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My How Time Flies — 2 Comments

  1. Mama, I love it when I read new things here. Trust me as the daughter who lost a lot of weight quickly, you see what i am now fighting with the sagging skin and the infections. ICK! As for the not putting something in the fridge. Let's face it we BOTH have blonde roots. I still can't believe I found the TV remote in the freezer one day.
    You are still and have always been an inspiration and trust me your house is much neater than mine OR my sisters' so trust me NOTHING will be noticed. It will be the same as it always is…me and Emilie in the kitchen making funny Julia Child noises to the twins. The boys ignoring the world with the TV on. Fluffy becoming manical with all the people and very odd talk around the table. All that PLUS your 2 sons in law…THIS SHOULD BE GOOD! (maybe we can film it and win $10K)
    Love you Mama

  2. A friend sent me this link and I just had to pass it on. It touched my heart. Hopefully it does the same for you.

    My name is Steve Alten, I am the best-selling author of ten novels, including the MEG series, DOMAIN, The LOCH, and GOLIATH. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. I was 47 at the time, with no family history. Parkinsons is a degenerative disease that causes tremors and muscle rigidity. For me, the symptoms affect my dominant right side. My arm no longer swings freely when I walk, and doing certain activities can be challenging. I have never felt sorry for myself, I consider myself a lucky person and have too much in my life to be grateful for. So I will fight this setback as best as I can, and hopefully contribute something of value that can help find a cure, if not for myself then others.

    Parkinsons is a disease that can be cured. Michael J. Fox and his foundation have done an incredible job organizing researchers to focus on the medical science that makes a difference.

    Since my own diagnosis, I have asked myself what I can do to help. Writing books is a time-consuming labor, plus I spend time visiting schools, plus I have a family?plus I need to work out or my muscles stiffen up. Oh yeah, every day I answer 100 e-mails from fans. It?s a labor of love, as an author, my most valued asset is YOU, my readers. Over the last 13 years, I have worked hard to earn your trust. All of you who have ever e-mailed me know I ALWAYS RESPOND PERSONALLY. Students know I am always honored to answer their Q & A assignments for school. Thousands of teachers in the Adopt-An-Author program know I am always there to speak with their students via phone, e-mails, or personal visits.

    Times are tight for many of us, and so many organizations need money ? I know because many of you contact me asking for donations on their behalf. I never say no. Over the years, I have also sent boxes of signed books to our soldiers overseas in appreciation for their sacrifice. But I need to do something to support the Michael J. Fox foundation, not because I have Parkinsons, but because I am convinced they are doing valuable work that can help all of us.


    I am asking each person reading this to please go to

    and donate $10 dollars to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Please, only ten dollars. Because ten dollars from ten thousand Steve Alten readers CAN make a serious difference in the fight against a disease that affects millions of Americans?including this humble author.

    My deepest heartfelt thanks,

    Steve Alten

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