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I’ve Lost Weight – Now I’m Getting Asked If I’m Sick — 10 Comments

  1. I don't think you lost to much weight. If you feel better about yourself for losing the weight then you go girl! I wouldn't worry about what other people say. They may just be jealous

  2. Thanks for popping by. I have sent a support ticket to EYB about your problems signing in.

    As long as you are feeling much better never worry about what others think or even if you do look a teeny bit older 🙂

    I have picked up weight since giving up my 3 packs of Camels a day and feel awful. If I could afford it I would smoke again. Being overweight is very unhealthy I am finding out.

  3. Thanks for the support ticket on EYB. Hard to say if it was an internet snafoo or if your ticket worked. Either way, I did finally get the verification email, and I'm enjoying being on ExposeYourBlog. Thanks for the heads up on that one.

    THREE packs??? I'm so glad you quit. You need to find a different way than going back to smoking to deal with the extra weight. It would be a shame to be so careful about what you put in your stomach and so careless about what you put in your lungs!

  4. DB, I'm so impressed that you've lost so much weight and so healthily, as well. So glad you're feeling so good, after such a long time being sick.

    Enjoy…you so deserve it! Bet you look gorgeous!

  5. Thanks for the encouraging words, Marion. I really do feel better than I have in a very long time. Now as far as looking better goes? Well, I'm not gorgeous, but I do think I look better thinner. At least I like the way I look in my clothes!! LOL!

  6. Your experience is so inspiring!! I am trying so hard to lose weight but my immobility is making exercise almost impossible. You are encouraging me to put on my thinking cap and figure something out. I owe it to myself. 🙂

  7. I still don't move around much, as I'm pretty much addicted to working on the computer. So I guess I'm proof that it is possible to lose weight without exercising. Not the best, but possible. The key is to eat the Super Foods whenever possible. Nutrition is supposed to be key with MS, too.

  8. Hi Rosemary, Well, it was interesting to read about how people are reacting to your being "sick" due to less weight. It sounds like you have accomplished a great deal. Call it Parkinson's Plus, but I don't remember the Essential Myoclonus. I do know a bit about it, but I was curious how that is going for you.

    Do they sometimes treat that with DBS, as they do Essential Tremor? Not that I am doing the ridiculous thing of suggesting treatments, to the contrary?! I am just curious about what is practiced in some cases.

    What medications do they administer, if any? How does it all set with the rest of your ailments?

    I know what you mean about people drawing conclusions about appearance. I have been thiner, by 20 pounds, so they assume I am feeling great! Well, I am just trying to eat less and move as much as I can.

    I am gradually, very gradually, declining and I am handling it fairly well. Thanks my friend. I am glad you are still online writing. Stay in touch. Dan

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by, Dan. I popped over to see what you are doing these days, and am glad to see your book doing well.

    As for Essential Myoclonus, it's nowhere near as debilitating as even regular Parkinson's, because it is only mildly progressive. DBS would certainly not be appropriate treatment for it. I'm on Primidone, which works quite well for me on most days. I take extra on days when the jerks and twitches get too bad. I can walk reasonably well, although I'm somewhat unsteady. I never really know what my foot is going to do from one moment to the next. LOL!

    They tried me on Clonazepam at first, which is considered to be the best med for EM, but it made me worse. So I have been using this older anti-seizure med for quite some time.

    Maybe I've answered most of your questions. I wish you had EM instead of the PPlus you're dealing with!

    Take care, my friend.

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