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I Will Go On by Dr. Daniel Brooks — 4 Comments

  1. That's a book I'm going to have to check out, right along with the two books written by Michael J. Fox. I'm new to your blog–I've really only read this one posting–so I'm going to ask what your movement disorder is. Not that it matters. I suffer from young onset Parkinson's and I can be sure that any movement disorder sucks.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jon. I'm one of the lucky ones. Although I was originally diagnosed with Parkinson's, my diagnosis was later changed to Essential Myoclonus. This Movement Disorder is not as progressive a disease as PD. And PD is not as aggressive as whatever form of Parkinson's Plus Dan has.

    I'm sorry to see that you have young onset PD. You will find most of my posts that would benefit you back in the older posts, when I was dealing with all the PD symptoms and frustration of the meds' side effects and my lack of improvement.

    The MDS team who correctly diagnosed EM literally gave me my life back. I can't praise God enough for all my blessings!

  3. I used to follow Dan Brooks's Blog and I am unable to access it. I was wondering why I can't access it.

  4. Blogger shows it as no longer available. I know he had quit adding new posts to his blog, but I didn't think he meant he was going to delete the blog. I did find a copy of his last post.

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