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40 Blogs to Follow for Parkinson’s Awareness Month — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for the link to John's blog, Trevor. I've added it to my side bar, as I know how important blogs like his were to me when I was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

    His newest post is about the fear of Dementia – something both my husband and I have to deal with, as we both had Alzheimer's parents.

  2. Hi Rosemary,

    Congrats on having your blog named one of the "top 40"! Keep those great posts coming!

    I have several friends with PD, and have found a great new resource. John Schappi blogs about Parkinson's Disease and aging at . A Washington, DC resident, he pursues many interests, including gardening, bridge, travel, biking, and internet research. His blog “Aging, Parkinson’s and Me” is uplifting — full of hope and humor.


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