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The Long Awaited Appointment — 10 Comments

  1. I guess we just expected too much from a first appointment. He's from China, and his accent is very thick.

    I'm still feeling looped 3 days later. It's hard to say if this will wear off or not. I'm calling my pharmacist this morning.

  2. I'm sorry that your appointment wasn't as helpful as you hoped. Where is your Doctor from? I hope that the drunkeness wears off quickly (without hangover too)and that the Lyrica helps.

  3. My insurance wouldn't approve the Lyrica, which isn't a big surprise. I kept telling this doctor that I was not in pain, and Lyrica is usually used for neuropathy pain.

    I'll PM you with his name. I appreciate your help, Don.

  4. It is my understanding that the side effects of "drunkenness" with Lyrica takes up to 6 days to wear off, and then you should have the "good effects" only from the drug!

    I, too, am sorry the appointment didn't go as you hoped! What is your new Doctor's name, I can check with the Docs at the hospital I work out and my other medical connections to see what they all think of him?

    Praying for you!!


  5. I'm sorry it took a broken hip to get the proper diagnosis, Damien. If it is a Parkinson's type disorder the Sinemet should make a big difference for your husband.

    I wish you both well!

  6. My husband, age 80, has just been diagnosed with Parkinsonism. It took a while and several doctors (2 were neurologists) to make the diagnosis. He has all the symptoms except the tremors. Looking back I can now understand what was happening to him over the last 2 years. He was falling (backwards) developed humped posture, slow movements. The last fall that fractured his hip was what brought out the PD question when he had to go to therapy and they indicated that his body was very rigid. He has been in skilled care facility since February and is now on Sinemet. He has been on it for 2 days and we are hopeful.

    Damien Woody

  7. I have had peripheral neuropathy for over 10 years now. They did the emg tests twice both showing I had it. They have put me on every pill there is like lyrica and they all me you fell stupid. With Lyrica my entire family thought i was going crazy. I started hating life and finally gave up on it. wasn't worth feeling that way and still having the burning awful pain in my feet. I haven't worn shoes now in ten years. only sandles or flip flopes. what do you do for shoes. am always looking for answers to that question.

  8. Belinda I've been fortunate that I've not been in the kind of pain you're describing. I am diabetic, so I wear diabetic shoes and socks. They are very soft on the inside and all the seams are extremely smooth. That might be something worth trying.

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