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Still on LCHF Lifestyle – Still Dealing with MITO — 2 Comments

  1. Good to hear from you, Anji!! Yes, the eyes are getting better – the massaging seems to be helping.

    And YES – the fats are organic butter, extra virgin olive oil, and cold pressed coconut oil – all are very good for anyone. I've read a very interesting book recently touting the health benefits of ethnic cuisine – and it praises French cooking. Surprisingly, much of what was good about French cooking goes right along with what I'm eating.

    I hope YOU are doing well!! Still having knee problems?

  2. I hope that your eyes are more comfortable again soon. Your diet sounds interesting – I presume you are eating good fats.

    Hope that the physical therapy is helping.

    I haven't been blogging or visiting blogs much recently at all. I've missed all of my blogging friends. Don has started blogging more often again and has grown a beard!

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