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How to Prevent Lost Toy Woes

After years of helping frantic families desperately trying to find their child's lost lovie, we can give you some knowledgeable suggestions.

First of all, if you realize that a toy is becoming very important to your child, it's time to start trying right then to get several duplicates, while they can still be found.

Carter's, for instance, makes a new variation of their toys every 6 months. That's plenty enough time for your precious baby to pick out one particularly important toy as their security lovie - and then you have trouble finding a duplicate. Sometimes these lovies are blankies, but not always. Many babies become used to going to sleep to the music of a pull down crib toy. All kinds of super soft baby toys become "REAL".

Alternate Duplicates

First of all, buy at least 3 backup lovies as soon as you are sure that is THE one for your child.

Then, we would suggest that you alternate all of them so you don't end up trying to replace a raggedy lovie with his brand new cousin. Some parents have gone to the extreme to buy a new one and make it as "good as old," by dragging it through the dirt, smushing it, and running it through the washing machine several times.

Take Photos

While you still have a good one, take lots of photos of the toy close up. Show the tag, too, so you will know the brand information long after the tush tag has faded or been chewed off. Make sure you use a plain contrasting background. Sometimes it is important to know where it was bought, or if it was won from one of those vending machines.

Mark Identity

Some parents put a phone number on the tush tag in laundry ink, but more put the child's name on the tag. With security issues concerning children and pedophiles becoming more and more a problem, we don't endorse putting your child's name on the tag, and certainly not their full name.

What If It's Too Late?

What do you do if you did not buy any backups, and now the lovie is in shreds? Take a photo of it, again paying attention to using the best background for the lovie. Check on the internet for a backup. If you can't locate one, save your Search on eBay and, they will email you when one is listed.

Our Fabulous Finders can help on our FREE Plush Memories Lost Toy Search Service Facebook Group.